Closet Challenge

I am so excited to be a part of the Closet Challenge over at well to do, you. My challenge was to choose one item and wear it three different ways.  I chose a blouse from Old Navy.  I purchased it on clearance recently and also bought it in cream and white.  Obviously, I like polka dots!  Here is the cream version from their website but it is sold out.  I will be modeling the navy blue blouse. 

Casual work outfit.
Pants: Target, Sweater by C&C California, Booties by IMPO from DSW.

Casual shopping day outfit.
Scarf and Shoes: Target, zippered vest from LL Bean, Jeans by Miss Me from Dillards. Purse: Tommy Hilfiger from TJ Maxx.
Movie Night/Date Night
Scarf from Target, Purse from TJ Maxx, leggings by Daisy Fuentes for Kohl's, Boots are Ralph Lauren from DSW.

Hope you enjoyed my Closet Challenge.  Trust me, it's harder than you think to pose in your backyard and not feel silly! My son was kind enough to take these pictures for me. 

For more Closet Challenge pictures, head over to or click the icon below.

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Suz said...

So fabulous!!! And I love that your son took the photos. You look great and I'm dying laughing about the coca cola. Too cute :)

Jean said...

Thanks Suz! I thought the Coke was a great touch to match my red scarf :)

Lora said...

You look fabulous in all of them.


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