Miss Tina Clothing Line Review

Walmart gets a bad rap.  I am sure it has to do with that great website that displays all the trashy photos of shoppers.  I have found that my local Walmart has some of those customers as well but only on certain days and at certain times.  I am a master shopper when it comes to timing.  Like the time when I walked into Walmart and they were reducing all their Halloween costumes to $1.00?   That was one of those adrenaline pumping shopping moments.  I think I bought about 10 and my kids still haven't grown into all of them. 

So what about their clothes?  Would you shop at Walmart for clothes?  What about for work clothes for important business meetings?

I am not ashamed to say it, I get some of my clothes at Walmart.  Sure, I didn't go to Walmart to look for clothes at first.  I went there to look for beauty deals, Real Steel action figures, and DVDs.  Oh the list goes on when you are a mother of two boys and a shopaholic.  As a side note, they have great kid's clothing too! My son has some of his favorite sports shirts and pjs from Walmart.
This review is the Miss Tina by Tina Knowles fashion line.  I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by the quality and fit. 

How about these adorable and trendy ankle pants?  Yes, I said I would never sport this look but after seeing it on a few moms "sort of" close to my age, why not?  $18.00 and they come in tan and army green.

Smocked Peasant Blouse?  This is a great shirt with jeans for days off with the kiddos or at a work meeting dressed up with a fitted jacket.  $16.00 on the Walmart website.  I got it in an aqua/brown color as well.  Now I just need some shoes with a bright yellow flower or stripe to match.

This belted convertible dress was so fun and comfortable! It was only $19.00.  I tried it on in an aqua print and loved it.  I would most likely use my own belt for a different look.   

So in a nutshell, I love the Miss Tina line and I will be back to Walmart to shop for clothing among other things!

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