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I love online shopping!  I really didn't get into it until this last holiday season because I felt like I was spending too much on shipping and also spending more to get free shipping.  Then I found out about coupon websites with promo codes.  This has changed my world because I found out I could not only get free shipping but sometimes discounts on top of that. 

Coupon Chief is one of the websites I found as a great resource for online coupons.  They have literally thousands of stores to choose from and also allow you to upload your own coupons to help others.  They also have a great feature where you can sign up to get coupon alerts for your favorite stores.  I sure wish I knew about Coupon Chief years ago when I spent all that money on shipping.  Being a coupon clipper, I have found that every penny helps.  Also, with gas prices going up so much, I have to find ways to save money. 

Coupon Chief also has all my favorite stores including Lucy, Road Runner Sports, Sephora, and my husband's favorite, Camping World!  Don't ask me why, Camping World to him is like Sephora to me. 

One nice feature of Coupon Chief is that members comment, rate, and validate coupon codes.  It is so frustrating when checking out at on online shop and finding out that your coupon code is invalid.  Hopefully this feature will eliminate that frustration for you.

Not only does Coupon Chief have promo codes for online stores but they have deals for travel.  I noticed they have packages for Southwest Airlines to Las Vegas.  Hmm, my anniversary is coming up soon!  I think I will have to send hubby this link.  Camping World and Vegas deals- he will be in heaven.

Here is the link in case you are doing some online shopping or just want to browse:

Coupon Chief is also on Facebook and Twitter.


Maitte said...

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Heather Sturgill said...

Thank you for this info on Coupon Chief, especially about the Airlines. We are about to book a flight and after searching on, we found the $30 off deal!!! So awesome!!!


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