Beauty Bioscience RetinoSyn-45 Review

I am excited to tell you about my review of RetinoSyn-45 by Beauty Bioscience.  This was by far the longest research I did for a product and it was well worth the time.  I used it for 45 days exclusively.

This product is really great because it comes in an easy to use kit which is easy to open and keep your products organized.  The adorable kit comes with 1A/1B, 2A/2B, and 3A/3B and you are to use it for 45 days at night. This allows you to slowly step up to a higher potency of retinol cream. Your skin can see maximum results with minimal side effects through this process. RetinoSyn 45 even allows for you to skip a night if you are sensitive or experience too much redness.

I did read the directions that stated to use sunscreen during the day while using RetinoSyn-45 because your skin will be ultra sensitive to the sun. I made the mistake of not using an spf one morning when I was trimming trees and yes, I did experience redness and itchiness but it was completely my fault. After that incident, I made sure to wash my face completely in the morning and use an spf lotion before leaving the house. I use an spf everyday ordinarily but especially now!

The results from RetinoSyn-45 have been smoother skin and less acne. I haven’t had any breakouts and it seems to be because my skin has had cell turnover and also because this product allows you to build up to the higher potency. I also think the wrinkles around my forehead and neck have improved. I did not use this product directly near my eyes but did use it near my crow’s feet and that seems to show improvements.

I do recommend RetinoSyn-45 for those that feel their skin is dull or have been thinking of getting a facial peel. This product restores your skin and gives a great result.  This product can be found online at http://www.beautybioscience/ or at HSN. 

*I received a sample for testing purposes. 


Anonymous said...

You used free product? Is that okay?
I feel it is a conflict.

Jean said...

Whether I receive a sample for free or I purchase the product, I provide honest reviews. I also disclose when products are free. I hope you will continue to read my reviews. Thank you, Jean


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