Spring Cleaning Time!

Admit it, have you ever gone to put one product away in your beauty closet or cabinet and about 3 fall out?  Have you promised yourself you will clean it out soon or this weekend and forgotten about it?  Of course you have because there is always something more fun to do than clean!

Well, here are two good reasons to clean out some old products and make room for some fresher, milder options! 

Enjoy the floral feel of spring with the new Lubriderm Daily Moisture Shea + Calming Lavender Jasmine Lotion. I tried this lotion after a shower and after shaving my legs.  It felt soothing and the fragrance was quite relaxing before bed.  I was pretty surprised it was Lubriderm because I was used to the non-scented version.  This one is much more my style.  It did not leave a greasy feeling either.  I could definitely see using this lotion daily as my new go-to lotion. 

$6.99 for 16 fl. oz., drugstores nationwide

Another great product that you won't be disappointed in is Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash.  It is 100% oil and soap-free.  This product is really great for those who use retinol products because it is so gentle.  I love using this as my daily cleanser because my skin is sensitive and I can break out if I use anything with oil or too many additives.  I promise you will love it!

$6.99 for 6 fl. oz., Drugstore.com

*I received a sample.

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