Summer is Coming, How about a Body Cleanse?

If you are like most women in America, you are a little hesitant about this summer and fitting into your swimming suit. I know my friends are and we have been hitting the gym a little more often for that reason. My kids are already mentioning summer pool parties and pool play dates. I am seriously considering a whole body cleanse.

I think a body cleanse might be just what I need to get a jump start on losing a few pounds. I am already working out 3-5 times a week, drinking lots of water, and “sort of” watching my calories. I need to really focus a bit more on my eating habits. It is so frustrating to go to the gym, sweat and give it your all and then weigh the exact same amount each day. I think a body cleanse might give me that positive boost to keep my dieting on the right track.

For a cleanse to successfully work, you have to be ready, focused, have a goal in mind, and not have any obstacles. Obstacles might be vacation, out of town guests coming to town, a special event at work, or even a group of friends that revolve your socialization out of eating. For me, the best time to do a cleanse might be when I have a full work week and no social events. That way I can stay focused and know by the end of the week I will see results. Then it will be onto bathing suit shopping!

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