E.L.F. Cosmetics - Good or Bad?

I have not used E.L.F. makeup products but I was asked to do a short review on the products. I went and did some research and found there is a lot of buzz about this make-up. There is good and bad buzz though. People either love it or hate it! I would suggest you check out some reviews on www.totalbeauty.com and enter the product you are interested in purchasing. Overall, I think the products are made with cheaper ingredients and therefore, can be sold at a less expensive price. One review mentioned that the ingredients were not listed on the product and when she inquired about it, the company said the products are "infused" and therefore the ingredients couldn't be listed. I will be curious to hear from some of you on how your experience is with these products.
Here are some tidbits I found online. Some of them are quite amusing. Keep in mind, everyone has different skin and different experiences with make-up!

the eyeliner: i got the gilded which is like a gold color. It's nice but it doesn't stay forever. Also, it's really really natural looking so if you're looking for something that actually shows up, this isn't for you.

the bronzer: okay, but you need like a really good brush or else it just cakes on. OH, yeah, i just remembered I also got a brush from elf. for the powders, and it was okay but made the bronzer look really heavy and red and unnatural.

the powders: They DID NOT control shine, DID NOT have any coverage, and were sooo dark. Like seriously, get the lightest one, and it'll still be too dark.
The nail polish SUCKS.

the pencil eyeliner didnt work for me, it wouldnt show up no matter how hard i pushed.

as for the pressed powder, no way. i didnt like it at all. im a pale girl, so i got the lightest shade...and it is an orange color.

the face-blotting sheets are excellent; i use them after i put sunscreen off my face and it absorbs all of the oil.

i like the eyeshadows too, but i'm also not a fan of the eyeliner....but the mascara works very well.
Many people have also complained about slow shipping with some orders not arriving till 2-3 weeks (or even a month) later, so just be aware of that.

everything is like MINI! so dont let the pictures fool you. IT WORKS & GOOD!BUT ITS JUST "TRAVEL SIZE"!
Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner: OMG, OMG, DO NOT GET THIS ITEM! It sucks so much. I feel bad for even spending a dollar on it. The eyeliner brush is hard to work with, the eyeliner formula itself is very cheap. You can actually peel off your eyeliner after it dries. SERIOUSLY! It takes forever to dry too--thus, smudges like crazzzy. NOT WATERPROOF, like it claims to be.Just don’t buy it. Spend your dollar on something more worthwhile.

Oh, I agree that the eyeshadow is ok but nothing to write home about, but it's also only $1. I also like the eye lash curler and the brushes in general are kind of crappy quality. But again, what do you want for $1? The lip glosses are good and like I said, I really like the clear mascara. I think that's my favorite product. I don't like the eye make up remover pads AT ALL.

The products are horrible. I guess they would look good on you if you were an orange pumpkin or a hooker. I only spent $40.00 and it all went to the trash except for the make up brushes. Please please do not waste your money. Everything is like trial size too. What a joke.

I bought some products about a month ago and I am very happy with everything I got. I spent about $30 all together including shipping and I got a TON of stuff (and nothing was missing from my order). I figured for the price why not try some new things. I stayed away from the concealers and powders bc I have sensitive skin (and didn't want to risk it) but I did get a bunch of lip glosses, eye shadows and a couple of nail polishes.I am planning on placing another order soon. I would (and have) recommend the products to anyone.

Do not order from elf, scam alert, you will be sorry. Cheap lead filled products. And to the lady giving this to her children to 'play' with, please reconsider. You will poison them with lead from China.
My only real hesitation about this product is that it is made in China. Given that there's been so much trouble with quality control of products coming out of China, I imagine this is the real threat to e.l.f's future sales. So many of us will not buy again because we don't want to take a chance on our well being.

I am completely happy with e.l.f. I placed two orders last weekend and received them both today (Friday). Nothing was missing and everything was correct and in good condition. My coworkers were admiring the products and asking where they could buy them. The only item I've tried so far is the nail polish, which I had previously purchased in a store. It's one of the best polishes I've ever used and after a week is still chip-free.

I use ELF cosmetics because it's inexpensive. I think you get more bang for your buck and the quality can be compared to the pricier lines. I have very sensitive skin and I haven't broken out yet (knock on wood). The shadows come in an array of colors and you are able to pick your colors and make your own palette similar to the MAC palettes if you don't want to buy their custom palettes. The eye lash curler is the best curler I've used. It doesn't pull out my lashes as some have experienced. I've tried liquid liner before and never had so much success with ELF liquid liners. I guess it's a matter of preference.

Terrible quality, slow shipping, my order was also incomplete and I was not refunded the $6 difference. The lip glosses are wicked gross, the nail polish is cheap and needs about 8 coats to look somewhat like the color and the hairs in the brushes come out easily. Don't waste your money, you are better off with quality items from MAC, clinque even though they cost more they last and work properly.

I really like their products. Try them for yourself. Some of the products were loosely packed (like the blush) but that's okay---what do you expect for a dollar?

I don't see why ladies are complaining. I have always gotten my orders in full and on time. The make-up and nail polish have been wonderful. If I don't tell people they would never know I pay such cheap prices to look so good.Keep up the good work E.L.F.Love your stuff!
Good Luck Everyone! Let me know if you have used E.L.F. and what you think!


Anonymous said...

I've been so curious about this make up!! I found a 50% off coupon code and ordered 16 items for 15.50 with shipping! I'll let you know if its worth ordering.
Bridgett, Queen Creek

Christine said...

I have always wanted to try elf, and I've heard more good things than bad about their product quality. I'll have to look into it soon.

Jean said...

let us kow if you try it!

Anonymous said...

You are kind of jumping all over the place with this...buy it...dont buy it...eyeliner good....eyeliner bad....

Jean said...

anonymous- Sorry if this was confusing. This is not a review of ELF since I have never used ELF products. I simply put together a compilation of reviews I found online. I am patiently waiting for some friends to tell me how their experience was and I will be sure to post it when I find out. Again, sorry if this was confusing. Thank you for reading Moody Maria! Jean

kimhoay said...

I just came across your blog today and read this post. I've been using E.L.F products for a few months now and I really like most of their products. I admit there are a few things that need some more work, but from my research they have improved greatly! I believe that they can offer their products at such a cheap price because they save on packaging and put it in their product. I agree that a few of the products are a little small... Give it another try... You might like it! =]

Jean said...

Thanks Kim. I just noticed it at Target or CVS. I think I will try it! Thanks for reminding me to be open minded.

abby said...

Elf products are a trial and error. Some of the products that I used were cheap and would never use again, but there are some that I couldn't live without. Some things you might want to try are studio lip matte color, essential cover everything concealer, eyeshadow prime (the best!), any studio baked shadow, Studio Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow, any of their blushes.

I come to realize that any of their foundations are quite mixing well with my skin because I'm always oily, so I needed another brand that works well for me. But other than that, I'm so glad that ELF came into my life because it is so affordable and it does what it's supposed to. I recommend to try other products as they are a hit and miss. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!


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