COVERGIRL Outlast Double Lipshine

I recently tried this new version of my favorite and I have to say, I love it! The color selection does not have an equal variety to the original collection, but give them time. I usually mix one or two colors to get my desired look anyhow.

The double lipshine comes with a shiny gloss instead of the original lipbalm-type topcoat. The gloss that is paired with the double lipshine is great. It is not too sticky or shiny. After drinking a cup of coffee, my lips are not shiny but they still feel moist and look fine. I would recommend this for an evening event or party. For work, the original might be better and more conservative.

One other note on the Outlast, it works great as a base color. If you are attending an event in which you will be eating, use Outlast as a base color and let it dry. Then top with your favorite lipstick instead of the topcoat. Your lipstick will stay on much longer and when it comes off due to eating, you will still have a shade underneath of the Outlast. Outlast will come off if you have a food that contains oil or a vinegar and oil dressing, so watch out! If you are like Cheryl and eat like a lady, you probably won't have a problem.

Here is a link to Covergirl's website and the available colors:

Shine On!

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