New Wireless Straightening Iron

Check out this new invention. It is a tourmaline wireless straightening iron that allows you to straighten your hair on the go without the worry of wires! This mini iron is only 7.5 inches and claims to give a professional quality coif.

This tote-able tool comes with:
- Multi-Voltage Charger (110v-220v) that allows for charging almost anywhere in the world
- Lithium Ion battery that lasts for 30 minutes of high-heat usage per charge
- A handy heat resistant pouch.

This bad boy can be yours at $99 and can be found at

1 comment:

Mel's Mom said...

I have straight hair, so this really doesn't apply to me...but I would have KILLED for a wireless curling iron when I was in high school! :)

I can see where my sister-in-law would LOVE this!


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