Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Review

Herbal Essences has this great new line out called, "Tousle Me Softly." It seems they know exactly what is new in the style scene. Messy hair and soft ringlets are so "in" right now. It is nice to have a few products to help obtain that look.

For a great tutorial, check out Nadine Jolie: http://jolienadine.com/blog/2009/08/18/how-to-curl-your-hair-into-ringlets/

I recently tried the line and here is what I thought:

Shampoo: The shampoo had a great scent and was nice and sudsy. It left my hair feeling soft so I was tempted not to use the conditioner. I know it's wrong but I like to keep things simple!

Conditioner: The conditioner was great! The scent was wonderful and similar to the shampoo. It left my hair feeling very soft and healthy. I am glad I didn't skip this step.

Hair Spray: The hair spray was a little sticky for my taste. I am very picky about hair spray. I usually prefer something a little lighter and this didn't fit the bill. I am now using it on my boys' hair to keep it stiff and in place for school.

Mousse: I love mousse! Maybe it's because I started using it in the 80s when I experimented with big hair and woke up at the crack of dawn to do my hair. I had a real relationship with my hair in the 80s and mousse was always there for the ups and downs. This mousse is the real deal! It smells great and works great too. Use a handful and rub it all throughout your hair when it is wet. Don't be scared of the mousse - it won't bite and you can almost never use too much. Do not use on dry hair for the tousled look!

Finishing Cream: The finishing cream was great. It was the most helpful product in getting my tousled look. The cream is sticky so a little goes a long way. Use the finishing cream as stated - at the end. Do not use it on wet hair or your hair will turn out too curly or wild to create the tousled or soft look. Use a dab and rub it throughout your hands. Then gently roll your ringlets to create a more textured or finished look. This finishing cream will help hold the curls throughout the day or for your special event.

Spray gel: I am not a huge fan of gel or spray gel. I like to leave gel for the boys or for those cute, pixie haircuts that I can't pull off. I used a little spray gel and it does smell great and I am sure it does help. However, I am using this for my sons and they love it. It smells good and gives them a polished look for school. I would highly recommend this spray gel for short hairstyles.

So, with the weekend ahead, get to Target or CVS and see what Herbal Essences products might work for you! Check out their website for products available: http://www.herbalessences.com/us/default.jsp

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