Vavoom Iron-in Control Review

I used to looooove Vavoom in the 80s. My Aunt Marleen had some Vavoom in her bathroom and my cousin and I would sneak some when visiting her at the lake in Wisconsin. Vavoom has some good memories attached to it. So when my best friend, Carol gave me some Vavoom for my birthday I was touched.

And just to prove I used it this morning here is a dorky picture of me trying not to smile

I tried the Iron-in Control and loved it. It goes on easily, doesn't get greasy but has a smoothing factor, didn't dry my hair once ironed, and left my hair feeling smooth but not greasy. I have tried other heat styling products that left my hair feeling dry and crispy and this was not the case with Vavoom by Matrix. I am so happy to have found another heat styling product I love.

My other favorite is Kerastase which is double the price. I found this one on sale for $13.60 online but at a reputable salon in town it would probably run you $15.00.

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Anonymous said...

Cool! So glad you like it!

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks great!


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