L'Oreal EverPure UV Protect Spray

Anyone who thinks their hair is not investment has not tried to grow their hair out lately.  When you are trying to grow out your hair, harsh elements can set you back a month or two.

For example, heat styling products are hard on your hair - the blow dryer, curling iron, hot rollers (yes, people still use them!), crimping irons, waving irons, and the life-changing flat iron.  But, before using these items, you use a heat protectant, right?  Please say yes or I will have to give you that look my stylist gave me before I used one.

The sun is no different.  When you are out in the sun often, you need a UV protectant.  That's where L'Oreal comes in to save the day!  Everpure UV Protect spray is specially made for color-treated hair and is sulfate-free.  It is unique because it contains UVA/UVB filters.  It is great because it smells heavenly.

This spray is so refreshing!  It has a great scent and you don't even notice it's in your hair.  I use it when my hair is wet, right out of the shower.  I use it because I want to protect my color AND protect my hair from the harsh sun.  I can't afford to have breakage and damage when I am growing out my hair and I certainly can't afford to go to the salon more often than I do.  Get this spray - you won't be sorry!

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