Skin Prep FX Review

I am embarrassed to admit, I have never used a foundation primer. Why would I? Shouldn't the makeup go on by itself? Shouldn't it have the ability to smooth on your face without any restrictions? I guess you don't know what you are missing out on until you try it!

Skin Prep FX Nourishing Primer and Anti-Aging Serum changed the way I look at makeup application. I feel like I discovered a little secret that makeup artists have been using for years.

Let me explain how I tested Skin Prep FX. I used it as a moisturizer at night after taking a shower. I have super dry skin if I don't use a moisturizer. Usually when I slather it on, my skin feels wet and greasy until the moisturizer soaks into my skin. When I used Skin Prep FX, it absorbed quickly and felt silky. It was not greasy at all but made my skin feel lightly moisturized.
After sleeping 8 hours, I was eager to see the results. I was in shock when my skin felt nourished and smooth in the morning. It had a dewy look which is hard to acquire here in the desert. After rewashing my face, I applied some more Skin Prep FX and skipped my eye cream. This primer is so smooth around the eyes and great for sensitive skin. My foundation went on smoothly and gave my face a very even tone.

This particular primer has an anti-aging effect as well and I did seem to notice my fine lines around my eyes appearing less noticeable after using this products for two weeks.

I was very pleased with Skin Prep FX and it will now become a staple in my makeup bag. Would I recommend it to a friend? Yes! Would I buy it for my sister? Yes!

Luckily, Skin Prep FX is sold at Sephora so it is available to everyone in my town and online. It is created by a company called Cover FX and they have an entire line of great products.

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What is it?
A rich, nourishing foundation primer and anti-aging serum
Dermatologist tested and paraben, oil, and fragrance free
What does it do?
Coenzyme Q10 improves skin's clarity and rejuvenates
A multipeptide complex repairs skin for an anti wrinkle boost
Multivitamins and hyaluronic acid hydrate and soften
Dermaveil smoothes, blurring the appearance of fine lines and pores
For what skin type?
All skin types—especially normal or dry
Sensitive skin


Bridgett said...

oohhh..this product sounds just like what my mom has been looking for! Gonna go get it this weekend...

Anonymous said...

I tried it and I just couldn't get past the herbal smell in it! =(


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