L'Oreal True Match Foundation Review

My new thing is trying new foundations.  I love experimenting with drugstore brands so I can finally settle on one brand and stick with it! 

Recently, I tested L'Oreal True Match super-blendable makeup.  I have to say, it did a great job.  The color actually truly matched my skin tone and seemed to tone down the redness.  The application process was very smooth and seemless.  The foundation stayed on my skin after a full day of running errands and running around in 100+ degrees. 

The best thing about sampling a makeup such as L'Oreal's True Match from Walgreens, is that you can return it if it doesn't work out for you.  The saleswoman always reminds me that at my local Walgreens.  I think I will hold onto this one.  As for my number one, it's not there yet.  I will have to keep searching.  But for now, True Match can find a place in my beauty bag.

For color options, check here:  http://www.lorealparis.ca/

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