Find out which perfumes Total Beauty readers love to breathe in and which ones make them hold their noses
Best and Worst Celebrity-Endorsed Fragrances
This is a perfume article
Our readers give you the inside scoop on the best and worst celebrity fragrances -- saving you the hassle of trying on boatloads of perfumes to the point of confusing your senses. average reader rating: 6.4
The Worst: No. 3: White Diamonds Elizabeth Taylor Parfum, $100
"It's like granny perfume that has been sitting on the dresser for 40 years …" average reader rating: 8
The Best: No. 7: Baby Phat Goddess Eau de Toilette, $29.99
"I think I've found a new favorite scent …" average reader rating: 8.7
 No. 6: Jennifer Lopez Live Luxe Eau de Parfum Spray, $39.99
"I wear this almost every day now …"

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