Rohto Eye Drops Review and Giveaway

Hey, Bright Eyes…Whiten Up!

This winter, eye makeup trends run the gamut from minimalist autumnal shades to dark, mysterious looks. But no matter how expertly eye makeup is applied, the result can be ruined by red, irritated looking eyes. Bloodshot eyes not only detract from your look, but can send the message that you’re exhausted, sick, hung over or worse! Before applying makeup, use ROHTO® Cooling Eye Drops™ to whiten and refresh eyes. ROHTO is a secret weapon of celebrity makeup artists who have to make their clients look great despite red eye flights, late-night premiere parties and even unexpected colds.

I recently tried ROHTO® Hydra (Dry Eye Reliever) and ROHTO® Cool for Redness Relief. 

Using these drops is quite an experience!  The hydra drops keep your eyes moisturized for several hours and can truly help with jet lag.  Losing sleep and traveling can really dry out your eyes, and the ROHTO Hydra made a world of difference.  As for the Cool drops for redness relief, these are a must-have for me.  I live in the desert and my eyes are always red from allergies, wind, or simply lack of sleep.  The ROHTO drops work much better than other brands and really brighten your eyes. These drops will become a new staple in my makeup bag.

Would you like to win the entire line of ROHTO®?  Leave a comment here and I will randomly pick one winner (US Residents only).  Deadline to enter is October 3, 2010 at 11:59 pm PST.  One entry per person unless you join my Facebook Fan Page and you will be eligible for two entries. Leave a comment there too on the ROHTO review.

For more information, visit or ROHTO eye drops are available at and most drug stores nationwide and retail from $6.99-$8.99 for a 0.4-ounce bottle.


Charlotte said...

I have been wanting to try these eye drops. I have heard that every Hollywood makeup artist carries these drops in their makeup case.

weeziestoy said...

Thanks for the contest....I would love to win the Rohto Eye drop package....I can really use it

MiSsBriTt said...

My best friend in college introduced me to Rohto drops 8 years ago, and they are amazing! I have only ever bought the cooling drops, but I am dying to try the whole line! I have recommended them to so many people. Thank you for the opportunity of this giveaway.


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