Olay Regenerist SPF 50 Review

Olay Regenerist UV Defense regenerating lotion in SPF 50.

On my recent camping trip I took along this simple sunscreen in hopes of finding a new favorite.  Here's what I thought:

When I first tried this sunscreen I was surprised that it seemed gritty.  I read some other reviews and someone else commented on this as well.  After you get over the gritty feel, the sunscreen works fairly well under makeup.  I have used sunscreen before that seemed to not hold under foundation and literally turned it into goop.  This one worked great. Oh and it doesn't smell bad.  Actually, I think it's scent-free.

As for protection, I am happy to report it worked great.  I was not in intense heat except for two days of my trip but I have to admit, I did work. 

The pump is okay.  There is nothing more annoying than waiting for a pump to work itself back up so you can pump more.  I needed about 5 pumps for my face and neck and maybe a tad more.  I kind of over do it with all lotions. 

Overall, this is a great basic sunscreen with the benefits of anti-aging but it didn't over WOW me.  I would only buy it again if it was on sale. 

*I purchased this myself.

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