Kerastase Nutritive Vernis Nutri-Sculpt

A co-worker of mine recently started using a straight iron. Her stylist straightened her hair, her husband loved it and she came running to my best friend for advice. She wanted to know what kind of flat iron to get and where she should buy it for the best price.

After she left, I ran over to Carol and asked her if she told her about heat protectants and serums. Whoops! She said, "I forgot to tell her all the products that are involved in straightening your hair."

Oh the products. And the testing. And the bad testing days.

Recently, mine turned out pretty smooth so I thought I would take a picture of it. For the readers' sake, I did not include my face. I actually showed a few people the pictures and they thought I looked really mean and moody. How appropriate.

I used Kerastase Nutritive Vernis Nutri-Sculpt at the advice of the woman working at Gadabout one particular day. The product is a easy to use and you know it works because you will see the steam rise from your straightening iron. The product is truly light and a little goes a long way. For the price of $29.95, this product is more of a splurge. This is definitely something that would make a great gift for someone who wanted ultra-smooth hair but couldn't afford the good stuff.

Kerastase makes great products and my favorite is by far, the Nutritive Olea-Relax.

PS: I do not consider myself a redhead. But after looking at these pictures, apparently I have red hair.

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