Venus Embrace Rocks!

I know that not many people are baring their legs anytime soon, but here in Arizona we are already wearing shorts! Time to pull out all the stops, check out the latest in razors, buy some new lotion, start researching self-tanning products, get to the gym and don't even start on the feet and toes! can make a girl crazy.

Well- don't worry. Moody Maria will try to take out the research factor and help you!

For today, let's focus on razors. I just used the most awesome razor designed for a woman and it really works! I used it with plain soap to see if I got any nicks and I have to honestly say, not a one! The razor has a protective ribbon of moisture to add to the ease of using this awesome five-blade system razor. The Venus Embrace is easy to hold too because of it's rubbery grip. It also comes with a case that holds extra razor heads and it has suction cups so you can keep it in the shower.

So if you are looking for a new razor to get those gams a going.....Venus Embrace is the one!

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