Too Much Red

(Photo Credit: My 3-yr old, Connor)

Last night I decided to wash those grays out. Why do I not listen to my husband? He tells me to just buy the same color each time and instead I keep trying new ones. I tried the L'Oreal for True Brunettes. The box does warn that it is for dark hair, but did I listen? No. My hair already has some red in it from previous colors, so now it has more red.

I would not suggest using this hair color unless your hair is dark brown or black and you are looking to lighten it and give it some depth. I can live with it, but I just wanted to show my unsightly results.

Next I will be reviewing the new L'Oreal Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner! I have been using it for a week now and love it.

L'Oreal Preference Les True Brunettes, Ultra Light Ash Brown UL 61 1 ea

Preference with Optimized Fade-Defying System, creates a rich long-lasting color spectrum with luminosity and shine. True Brunettes lightens the darkest hair up to 3 shades lighter, without a hint of brassiness achieving beautiful balanced browns. Care Supreme® Conditioner helps lock in first day color vibrancy and keeps hair silky and resilient week after week. Color won't fade-out, turn dull or brassy.

Preference Shade Guide:
UL61 is a frosted brown shade with ash tones, which will minimize red/orange tones. For optimal color results, use on medium brown to black hair.

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