Carmindy's Makeup Line for Sally Hansen

I read some good reviews today about a new line that Carmindy Bowyer from What Not to Wear is endorsing for Sally Hansen. I am going to pick up a few items this week and review them. A good trip to Target never hurt anyone. (Update on Tuesday: Could not find the makeup line at Target or CVS....hmmm.)

She also has some great stuff on her website. Here are some money saving tips she has listed:
1. If you have a drawer full of half-used lipsticks, don't throw them away and buy more. Take a pillbox and dig out the lipstick colors and put them in each square. You'll have a great carrying case and palette to create new colors like the pros do. (Excuse me but Cathy Rotman taught me this one years ago!)

2. You can use a great lipstick color as a cream blush. Choose lighter shades and blend on after foundation but before powder. (Rosemary has been doing this since I was little)

3. No need to buy one shimmer highlighter shadow for the eyes and another for the face. A single shade serves both purposes.

4. When your mascara is dry and not applying well, run it under hot water for 5 minutes. Good as new.

5. Brow gel is a waste of money. Use regular hair gel on a brow brush or old toothbrush for the exact same effect. (Brandon will think I am nuts but sounds good!)

6. For a whiter smile, brush teeth with a bit of baking soda. (Dad always did this!)

7. Instead of expensive facial scrubs, use a small handful of regular white sugar. Just lather up your face with a cleanser, then scrub in the sugar using your finger tips in small circular motions.
8. Q-tips work just as well as brushes. However, for really good, inexpensive brushes, visit your local art supply store. ( I better check into this one. Are they made of different products or contain harmful oils?)

9. Vaseline is one of the best eye makeup removers ever. (Baby oil or expensive Oprah Vaseline works too)

10. When your favorite shadows or blushes break, don't throw them away. Put the remains in empty film canisters and use them like loose powders.

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