I just got my hair cut on Tuesday. I needed to get it cut so I can grow it out. Apparently, your hair needs to be trimmed every 5 weeks while you are growing it out. I read a statistic that said that if you avoid the salon for 6 months you will end up saving money but you will end up cutting off as much damaged hair as you would have with regular trims. Plus, you might as well have groomed hair while you are growing it out. I think a hair stylist wrote the article. So off I go to the salon every 5 weeks!

When I was at Disneyland, do you know what hairstyle I saw on just about every mother? The POSH, the wedge, the angled bob. It was very cute on some and downright ridiculous on others. I would LOVE to have this cut but I want to grow mine out.

Check out the next post regarding an article on this cut.

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