The Balm

* Warning Oprah fans, this may offend*

I was reading about some of Oprah's favorite products in her latest magazine (thanks to a gift to my mom from Aunt Jean). She listed a balm that removes eye makeup. I thought maybe I would give it a try if I ever saw it in a shop.

As I was happily shopping in Downtown Disney (truly the happiest place on earth) I entered Sephora (a girl's happiest place on earth). I made my poor son Carson go with me because he was misbehaving. Turns out they have great stuff in there for little boys to destroy! He had a great time and I happily found my product! It was quite expensive for this little bitty can of balm. $19 for 2.2 oz but heck I was on vacation and I could skip out on some expensive popcorn and snowcones later to make up for the purchase (no pun intended).

Turns out Oprah is a rich woman. Anyone who thinks this is a great deal is nuts! It is basically a canister (very cute I must add) of vaseline! Yes it took off my makeup after scrubbing but it also left a nice greasy feeling like vaseline. It also kept my lashes greasy and if there is any mascara left on your eye it will be all over your pillow (sorry Mr. Hotel Mgr.).

I will continue to use my canister until it's all gone and then use it for spare change, jewelry or for more vaseline. Sorry Oprah, but this time you were wrong!

Here is what the website says about it:
Balms Away What it is:A vitamin-infused, skin-soothing eye makeup remover.What it does:TheBalm Balms Away's moisturizing formula easily removes eye makeup, ensuring that your beauty sleep delivers the restful benefits it should. It's made with vitamins A, C, and E, and a blend of plant-derived sterols and lipids that hydrate and restore skin.

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