My good friend from grade school - high school sells Avon (Colleen Kinstle). I thought, "Sure, what the heck. I will try some stuff for fun". Little did I know I would find the moisturizer of my dreams! This stuff smells good, is refreshing when you put it on, doesn't make you break out and is not heavy at all! I have sensitive skin that is prone to breaking out so I was happy when I found something that will not make me break out. I loved using Estee Lauder's moisturizer (more on that) but at $45 a jar, it was hard to handle. This stuff is only $10.50 and sometimes it goes on sale. Now, I don't know if this prevents wrinkles but it is a nice basic moisturizer. I also use some of their other products and I will post those another day. Thanks Colleen!

Here is her link: free shipping always!

Moisture 24 Long-lasting Hydrating Cream
Maximum moisture.
price: $10.50

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