All Thermal Lotions are NOT the same!

Remember that awesome thermal facial lotion by Avon that I reviewed? Well, I still love it and continue to use it. I loved it so much that I thought I might try a cheaper version for my feet from the drugstore. Bad choice.

Freeman makes a product called "Bare Foot Self-Warming Foot Scrub, Peppermint & Plum". It is 3.99 and not worth a dime!

First off, the scrub was stuck in the container. I could feel it in there but could not get it to come out. I used warm water on it and squeezed it but I was afraid it was going to explode in my face! Finally, the darn stuff came out very sandy. It was rough and then came the lotion (thin and pink). I gave it a try and yes it heated up on my feet but not very warm and didn't do much. Then I rinsed it and what a mess. It didn't dissolve at all and made a huge mess in the shower. So much for a foot scrub. Do not buy this product! Sorry Freeman but the formula must be off. Take a tip from AVON and start using their labs.

Avon still rocks in the thermal lotion department. Now, I did see some fancier versions in one of the latest fashion magazines, so I may give one a try. Let's see what I come up with!

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