This is so HOT it scares me!

I ordered a new cleanser from AVON. It is called Completely Clean Anti-Aging Thermal Cleanser. It was $10.50 but now 1/2 off for $5.25

When I first used it I was amazed! It really gets hot in your hands and as you rub it on your face (very gently) it heats up more and eventually cools down. I felt so refreshed after I used it but afraid my face would be beet red. Turns out, it was fine! The website states that it takes a few weeks to notice your anti-aging results (ha ha) but I am pretty excited about the cleansing factor.

If you need something other than coffee to pick you up in the morning, this is the product. I am sure that there are some similar products out there but this one works for me. I also ordered their Planet Spa Hawaiian Thermal Volcano Paraffin Hand and foot treatment and lotion so I will review that as soon as I receive it!

To order online with free shipping click here: or by home delivery through (Brandon's cousin in Tucson)

I have used Victoria's Secret thermal foot treatment and it worked similarly but did not heat up as much and wasn't very effective on my feet. I noted that Olay also has a thermal pedicure treatment but it is pricey at 9.99 on It got five stars though! Maybe I will check it out if I have a coupon or find it on sale.

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