Some Online Shopping Sites that have worked for Me!

We bought a mp3 player and a Garmin gps and both purchases were successful. I think we got free shipping on both and if you use google checkout they take an additional amount off the total. The shipping wasn't super fast (about 5 days) but we were happy with both products.

Costco has several items online that they do not offer in the store. They offer free shipping on many of the items too. In addition, they have travel packages. For my disney trip, it was cheaper to go through AAA (even though I am not a member they will let you buy them over the phone)but Carol used Costco last year and was very happy with them. As with AAA, you receive extra goodies such as a Disney gift card to use in the park. If they don't list your trip/hotel online you can call the 1-800 number, price it out and compare. They are open from 8am-5pm and the customer service is amazing- friendly and patient.

I also bought my camera online at Costco and had a great experience. They recently updated their photo center and it is still in the process of transfering over. I have ordered pictures in the past online and the shipping was free! I ordered over 300 pictures one time and they came in a box and it was still free shipping. I am going to order some soon and see if they caught on to this detail. Kodak gallery charges a fee and also a shipping fee. When I ordered them at CVS they messed up the order and all of the pictures had a black line on the bottom. They gave me a refund but I will most likely never use CVS again for pictures (at least ordering them online through kodak). Costco has never messed up an order for me.

I ordered shoes one time and they came the very next day via FED EX as promised. Free shipping and free returns. They charge a little more but if they have your shoe and you need it quickly - this is a no-brainer. ALSO- they have shoe reviews from real people. I listed one and it showed up the next day. I have some friends who have used zappos and also love them. A little pricey but a good resource to compare and also great reviews.

Works every time! Free shipping and they haven't messed up my order once. The shipping is very slow though (about 7 days)

The Company Store and Old Navy. (great)


I bought something and they charge you a restocking fee and shipping. I will never use them again. I know some people have used them and they liked them but I was very unsatisfied.

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