Best of Sephora Sweepstakes

Sephora has a bunch of new summer items and top picks for hair, skin and of course summer fragrances. Time to get some new perfume. Any suggestions? I like fruity, clean scents such as Happy or Be Delicious by DKNY.

Click below to check out their fragrances:

Click on the picture to below to sign up and vote:

Sephora has so many great things and of course free shipping on orders over $50, free samples and free returns. I hate that we don't have one in town. Can you believe Casa Grande just got one and WE don't have one???? This is ridiculous. No wonder Lora is moving!

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Lora and Mike said...

I'm moving because Nordstrom's is coming to Desert Ridge!!! But don't tell Mike that. :)


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