Article on Hairstyles and Makeup that age you

I found an article on some celebrities and it showed them wearing too much makeup and out of date hairstyles. Here are some excerpts and a link to the full article:

One of the hottest celebrities today, actress Jessica Biel is beloved for her incredible body and is more popular than ever due to her relationship with singer Justin Timberlake. But even the hottest actresses have some fashion faux pas in their past. In this picture in 2003, Biel is appearing a bit too Dita Von Teese-like to bad effect.

No-no's to avoid:
Red lips are a timeless trend, but don't let them clash with strong eye makeup. Keep the rest of your makeup light if you opt for bright lips, lest you appear like Bozo the clown.

Heavy eye-makeup is particularly aging. Heavy shadow all the way to the brows is too much, unless you are performing onstage, in which case, have at it.

Careful with the shimmer. As former model Lauren Hutton says in the November, 2007, issue of Marie Clare magazine, shimmer can act like "airport runway lights -- illuminating every line, wrinkle and pore." Hutton should know, since she created her own makeup line when she couldn't find makeup that flattered her aging skin.

Pick the right outfit. Here, Biel's makeup is fighting for attention with the bow on her sweater. If you opt for dark lips, they need to be the center of attention. Keep the rest of your outfit, classy and simple.

Here, Jessica Biel's makeup looks pretty and natural. Her hair is loose and wavy, yet not too long. Hair that falls just below the shoulders is universally flattering on women of all face shapes and hair types.

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