I had this BRILLIANT idea at work one day. I told Carol and Leslie that we would have a ponytail month. Everyone in the office would have to wear a ponytail for the entire month. This would free up time for all of us, equalize us (sort of like school uniforms) and help us in growing our hair out. They just rolled their eyes and said, "Whatever, Jean!" Then I saw some information that put Ponytail July to bed.

I read that you should avoid barrettes because they tend to catch hair and break it at the root. They also put tension on the root, making it stretch, and therefore more vulnerable to breakage. I also read that you should "never use an elastic band to hold back your hair -- it'll catch every split end or rough cuticle it can and yank the strand out." You are supposed to use a soft scrunchy, ribbon or very lightweight clasp. Also, if you have a headache from pulling your hair back, it is a sign that the style is too tight.

Well, so much for Ponytail July. I guess I will have to find a way to make ribbons work in my hair or some puffy scrunchies. Hey, maybe I can start making my own in cute fabrics like U of A, the Cubs, and Star Wars (so my sons will think I am cool).

Or I could try these and see if they really work.

By the way, supposedly the messy and high ponytail was very hot on the runway this year. Well, I will look into some good ideas....More to come on this subject.

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