A Fine Tooth Trousers

My male friends keep mentioning to me that I don't have enough on Moody Maria for men! So here it is, a mention of a little company in San Francisco - A Fine Tooth.

My brother happens to be the head tailor for A Fine Tooth and he is very talented. In fact, if I ever achieve my dream body shape, he promised to make me a pair of perfectly fitting jeans.

A Fine Tooth offers many fashions, but one of their specialties is men's Made-To-Measure trousers. They guarantee that they will fit and they also guarantee that they will get them out to you within 5 business days!

At A Fine Tooth, they do not believe in sizes. They use body shapes such as Todd, James, and Seth. Pretty cool, huh? You can check out more information on how to order their trousers and what body shapes they have available here.
Who is wearing these custom men's trousers? Celebrities such as Devendra Banhart and Ryan Ross of Panic! at the Disco and Fall Out Boy are fans of A Fine Tooth trousers.

Visit A Fine Tooth today here.

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