L'Oreal Age Perfect Cleanser and More!

Target is the best store! They have all of their L'Oreal skincare products on sale this weekend. When my husband wasn't looking, I threw a few things in the cart. The Age Perfect Cream Cleanser was one of the products. I have used it for 3 days now in the shower. I did notice that you do have to use a little more than the Rivitalift cream cleanser. It also contains micro beads but they are very gentle. The cleanser was very smooth and removed my makeup without removing all of the moisture in my skin. It did not remove the colorstay lipstick but that is to be expected.

Overall, I like the Revitalift cream cleanser better, but this one works too. I will continue to use it and then try another L'Oreal cleanser. You can read my review here on the Rivitalift Cleanser. It is on sale at Target through Saturday!! What are you waiting for??

May I also suggest my current favorite moisturize also on sale?

See the review here:

PS: I swear I don't work for L'Oreal! I just love this stuff.

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