A ReeseWorthy Gift

Did you ever sit around and wonder what you would get Oprah for the holidays if you were friends with her? I remember getting catalogs in the mail when I was little and showing my Mom items that cost $200 or more and asking her, "Who would buys this stuff?" My mom would always have an answer for me and would say things like, "Oh, well if you were friends with Donald Trump then you would have to buy him something like that." Wow. At age 12, I was really glad to not be friends with Donald Trump. Can you imagine thinking of things like that when you were young?

Years later, not much has changed. I am still thankful to not be friends with people that are too rich. I stress enough over what to buy my boss each year, can you imagine me buying something for someone like Reese Witherspoon? I have enough stress over the holidays. So Reese, if you are out there, I just can't afford to be your friend this year. Possibly next year and for sure in 10 years.

Funny enough, Oprah's friend (Bobbi Brown) is now offering Luxe makeup brush sets in time for the holidays. I am not kidding when I say they are priced at $650! Don't get me wrong, I love a good brush as much as the next girl, but for $650, I would actually expect someone to put the makeup on me while I sip Perrier and watch Regis and Kelly.

So for those of you who are friends with the rich and famous, I bring you Bobbi Brown's limited Luxe Brush set. This set features 10 of Bobbi's essential brushes, hand-crafted with white golf and rich ebony handles. They are all safely tucked into a collector's edition leather case.

You can click here for more information and check out their more affordable brushes. Now for the good news, they are offering Free Shipping!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! At that price, do you think the brushes erase the little lines around your eyes as you apply your makeup?


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