The Lipstick Index..Is it true?

Did you know that in hard economic times, the sale of lipstick goes up? Why? Because women don't want to feel out of control. They still want to feel like they are spoiling themselves, so they turn to a more economic way of doing it, by purchasing lipstick.

Some economists say the "lipstick index" exists. The theorgy goes that as the economy goes down, sales of things like lipstick go up. Lipstick sales nation-wide are down six percent in 2008, according to the NPD Group, a research firm. But over the last few months they've jumped 40 percent, just in time for the Wall Street bailout.

The term "lipstick index" was reportedly coined following Sept. 11, 2001, when sales of lip products soared while the economy faltered. But the phenomenom also happened during the Great Depression.

So why not run out and buy yourself a little something - lipstick, mascara or a little body scrub. After all, women have to spoil themselves even in bad economic times.
Target here I come!


gina said...

Interesting- amybe the baby booms that follow 9 months later have something to do with the lipstick index and things woman can contol? ;)

Edith said...

Never heard of the Lipstick Index. The holiday season is upon us. Hey what about a Holiday Index?

Any excuse to buy lipstick and mascara is fine with me.

Hey, us ladies in the south have to look our best.

Jean said...

You might be onto something Gina!

And Edith - all year is holiday season for me if it means an excuse to buy makeup!


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