Review on Lorac Midnight Sparkle

The Ulta salespeople sell you what they want sometimes. I told "her" that I wanted a black or silver eyeliner that I could smudge. What did I get? Something you would see Madonna wearing on her tour.

I can't even use this stuff. It has so much glitter in it that my eyes sparkle like I am playing dress-up!

The positive aspect of this eyeliner is that it goes on smoothly and the color stays. The glitter lasted an extra day as a bonus!

This eyeliner will not work for: the office, picking up kids at school or the gym!
This will work for: nightclubs, an evening holiday party, stage makeup or Halloween.Midnight Sparkle by LORAC $16

Description: Lorac Sparkle Pencils give your eyes a bit of glimmer and glamour.

1 comment:

Mel's Mom said...

You CRACK me up! I love your honesty!

I know exactly what you mean about being sold what "they" want...not what you ask for.

I'll keep this liner in mind for my next party!


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