Check out this product. This is fun for the entire family! Volcanic Ash Exfoliator by MAC. My little boy is obsessed with volcanic ash and lava so this will be very impressive to him. I think I will check it out when I drop off my recyclable containers to receive my free lipstick.
The website says: A highly effective, dual-purpose foaming and exfoliating scrub blending natural volcanic ash with fine sugar crystals from the islands of Vanuatu. Adds moisture; leaves skin feeling soft and comfortably clean. Mineral-rich. Good for absorbing skin's natural oils. May be used on any part of face or body. Rinses off with warm water.
It is 19.00 for a 4.5 oz jar- yikes!

Slideshow: Stop "The Posh"! - Living on The Huffington Post

Slideshow: Stop "The Posh"! - Living on The Huffington Post
I just got my hair cut on Tuesday. I needed to get it cut so I can grow it out. Apparently, your hair needs to be trimmed every 5 weeks while you are growing it out. I read a statistic that said that if you avoid the salon for 6 months you will end up saving money but you will end up cutting off as much damaged hair as you would have with regular trims. Plus, you might as well have groomed hair while you are growing it out. I think a hair stylist wrote the article. So off I go to the salon every 5 weeks!

When I was at Disneyland, do you know what hairstyle I saw on just about every mother? The POSH, the wedge, the angled bob. It was very cute on some and downright ridiculous on others. I would LOVE to have this cut but I want to grow mine out.

Check out the next post regarding an article on this cut.

Carmindy's Makeup Line for Sally Hansen

I read some good reviews today about a new line that Carmindy Bowyer from What Not to Wear is endorsing for Sally Hansen. I am going to pick up a few items this week and review them. A good trip to Target never hurt anyone. (Update on Tuesday: Could not find the makeup line at Target or CVS....hmmm.)

She also has some great stuff on her website. Here are some money saving tips she has listed:
1. If you have a drawer full of half-used lipsticks, don't throw them away and buy more. Take a pillbox and dig out the lipstick colors and put them in each square. You'll have a great carrying case and palette to create new colors like the pros do. (Excuse me but Cathy Rotman taught me this one years ago!)

2. You can use a great lipstick color as a cream blush. Choose lighter shades and blend on after foundation but before powder. (Rosemary has been doing this since I was little)

3. No need to buy one shimmer highlighter shadow for the eyes and another for the face. A single shade serves both purposes.

4. When your mascara is dry and not applying well, run it under hot water for 5 minutes. Good as new.

5. Brow gel is a waste of money. Use regular hair gel on a brow brush or old toothbrush for the exact same effect. (Brandon will think I am nuts but sounds good!)

6. For a whiter smile, brush teeth with a bit of baking soda. (Dad always did this!)

7. Instead of expensive facial scrubs, use a small handful of regular white sugar. Just lather up your face with a cleanser, then scrub in the sugar using your finger tips in small circular motions.
8. Q-tips work just as well as brushes. However, for really good, inexpensive brushes, visit your local art supply store. ( I better check into this one. Are they made of different products or contain harmful oils?)

9. Vaseline is one of the best eye makeup removers ever. (Baby oil or expensive Oprah Vaseline works too)

10. When your favorite shadows or blushes break, don't throw them away. Put the remains in empty film canisters and use them like loose powders.

The Balm

* Warning Oprah fans, this may offend*

I was reading about some of Oprah's favorite products in her latest magazine (thanks to a gift to my mom from Aunt Jean). She listed a balm that removes eye makeup. I thought maybe I would give it a try if I ever saw it in a shop.

As I was happily shopping in Downtown Disney (truly the happiest place on earth) I entered Sephora (a girl's happiest place on earth). I made my poor son Carson go with me because he was misbehaving. Turns out they have great stuff in there for little boys to destroy! He had a great time and I happily found my product! It was quite expensive for this little bitty can of balm. $19 for 2.2 oz but heck I was on vacation and I could skip out on some expensive popcorn and snowcones later to make up for the purchase (no pun intended).

Turns out Oprah is a rich woman. Anyone who thinks this is a great deal is nuts! It is basically a canister (very cute I must add) of vaseline! Yes it took off my makeup after scrubbing but it also left a nice greasy feeling like vaseline. It also kept my lashes greasy and if there is any mascara left on your eye it will be all over your pillow (sorry Mr. Hotel Mgr.).

I will continue to use my canister until it's all gone and then use it for spare change, jewelry or for more vaseline. Sorry Oprah, but this time you were wrong!

Here is what the website says about it:
Balms Away What it is:A vitamin-infused, skin-soothing eye makeup remover.What it does:TheBalm Balms Away's moisturizing formula easily removes eye makeup, ensuring that your beauty sleep delivers the restful benefits it should. It's made with vitamins A, C, and E, and a blend of plant-derived sterols and lipids that hydrate and restore skin.

Covergirl and Neutrogena on sale

Thank you to Lora for letting me know that the Covergirl Outlast and the Neutrogena wipes are on sale this week at Target! Isn't Target the best? They know how to get us in the store and they have a great snack bar and Starbucks!
Colleen Kinstle was nice enough to send me a few products that she loves. I will post the others as I get a chance but this one looked pretty good! I looked for this one tonight at Target but they didn't have it. I am always looking for a good hairspray.

Let me know if you have used any other SAMY products and what you think!

Here is what the website says:
Samy’s Skyscraper volumizing hairspray gives hair maximum volume, body and fullness with a high polish shine. This anti-frizz, easy-comb formula leaves hair soft and silky without sticky buildup or residue. Skyscraper’s unique anti-frizz, firm hold formula holds your look and style all day long!

Samy’s Directions: For a firm hold, anti-frizz, high polish finish, hold can upright 10-12 inches from hair and spray in short bursts. To build extra volume, spray between layers at the roots. Use in conjunction with other hair care products from Samy Salon Systems.
Covergirl Outlast lipstick

I was introduced to this years ago by my mom and I truly love it. The first time I used it, I didn't like the color I chose. I found out that you need to use two or more colors to get the perfect color! I use a dark color and then smooth on a lighter color and adjust it until I get the desired shade. I then let it dry and put the gloss over it. It truly lasts all day.
It is easily removed with baby oil or the special makeup remover Covergirl or any other brand sells. It does come off if you eat food or salad dressing that contains oil so you have to be careful.

Another secret- if you cannot get it off or don't have any remover, simply put on more of the color and wipe. Continue this process until it is all off. It is messy but in a pinch it works.

This is what the website says about it:
All-Day smooth feel lipcolor.
Moisturizing with conditioners, 90%. Outlast Smoothwear contains semi-permanent color (PermaTone). Discover a smooth look and feel that lasts all day! Cover Girl® Outlast Smoothwear gives you beautiful satin-rich lipcolor that looks and feels smooth for up to 10-hours - even through eating a meal! Apply the smoothing colorcoat for up to 10-hours of satin-dipped color, then glide on the conditioning moisturecoat as often as you like for conditioning moisture and soft shine.

Made in Ireland. Doesn't get much better than that!

Cheek Stain

This is a review from Cheryl Sprenger. Thanks Cheryl for your input! She loves this cheek stain by TARTE and stocked up last time she was at Sephora. She said it can also be used as a lip stain. It isn't too oily and provides a lovely blush! Ok Cheryl, next time send us a before and after picture to post!

From the website:

What it does:Beauty is in full bloom. Tarte combines two universally flattering shades of their best-selling Natural Beauty Cheek Stain, infused with a proprietary T5 Super Fruit Complex™, swirled together. The result is a fresh, healthy glow that's twice as nice. $28 1oz

Make-up Remover Wipes


MAC Cosmetics has great makeup wipes. They smell fresh and they are sensitive on your skin. They do a great job of removing Colorstay lipstick by Covergirl. The great part about MAC is that they have a recycling program and you can receive free lipstick. Here are the details from their website:

RECYCLING WITH BACK TO M·A·C -Because we share your commitment to the environment, M·A·C accepts returns of its primary packaging through the Back to M·A·C Program. By returning six [6] M·A·C primary packaging containers to a M·A·C counter or M·A·C Cosmetics Online, you receive a free M·A·C Lipstick of your choice as our thanks to you.

45 sheets for $16 - this is a definite luxury in my book!


My second favorite: Neutrogena Makeup Wipes (often on sale). They work just as well and they are also sensitive on your skin. They lack the smell of the MAC wipes.

25 for $7.99


This is going to sound strange, but good old Costco Baby wipes and baby oil! It is amazing how well these two work on mascara and Covergirl Colorstay lipstick! Probably not the best thing for all over the face, but works great in a pinch.


$15 for 704 wipes!

Aquaphor Healing Ointment

This stuff is great at night- just before bed! You can use it on your lips, dry heals (under socks), elbows, knees, and cracked fingers. Plus, when the boys have dry skin on their face, I will lather it on quickly before they have a chance to say, "no". In the desert, we need all the help we can get with dry skin. If anyone else knows of a good cream or ointment, let me know! I am always open for suggestions!

Thanks for Aunt Maryann- I think she told me about this stuff!

Silky Dirt!

Jonathan Antin, Famous Los Angeles hairstylist and star of Blowout.

This guy was on a show called, "Blowout" on the Bravo channel. I don't think it is on anymore but it was very entertaining. My hairstylist did not like it because she didn't like the way they portrayed hairstylists as spoiled babies. I think she was secretly jealous that she wasn't on the show! This man is so dramatic and emotional - about everything! He has a lot of celebrity clients so that was interesting too.

He created this hair product line while the show was on so it was fun to see it from start to finish. I decided to gamble and buy some of the products and fell in love with a few (including dirt and the hairspray). I hope they bring this show back soon!

A product that I cannot live without is Silky Dirt! It's $28 for a tube but lasts for at least 4-5 months. This is what I do: I wash my hair and blowdry it without too much product. Then I use this in my hair, use a small amount of hairspray and then flat iron or curl my hair. It really gives your hair texture and body. It also helps control frizz. A little goes a long way.

It can be purchased from Sephora in store or online. This is what they say about it:

Silky Dirt Shine & Define Crème What it is: A unique, shine-enhancing grooming crème. What it is formulated to do: Perfect for dull or damaged hair, Silky Dirt helps create amazing supermodel shine, plus sexy, natural, long hair definition as it protects the hair from damage and color fading and adds brilliance, body, and control. What else you need to know: Silky Dirt's unique formulation can be used on damp or dry hair and is 100 percent vegan, containing no animal, wheat gluten, or gluten-derived ingredients. Silky dirt is also free of mineral oil, synthetic colors, and DEA.

My good friend from grade school - high school sells Avon (Colleen Kinstle). I thought, "Sure, what the heck. I will try some stuff for fun". Little did I know I would find the moisturizer of my dreams! This stuff smells good, is refreshing when you put it on, doesn't make you break out and is not heavy at all! I have sensitive skin that is prone to breaking out so I was happy when I found something that will not make me break out. I loved using Estee Lauder's moisturizer (more on that) but at $45 a jar, it was hard to handle. This stuff is only $10.50 and sometimes it goes on sale. Now, I don't know if this prevents wrinkles but it is a nice basic moisturizer. I also use some of their other products and I will post those another day. Thanks Colleen!

Here is her link: free shipping always!

Moisture 24 Long-lasting Hydrating Cream
Maximum moisture.
price: $10.50

Softsoap Body Wash

Lavender and Camomile is the best! This softsoap bodywash is mild and has mini moisture beads in the product. It is perfect for shaving your legs and mild enough to use as a body wash. It is so hard to find though. Safeway has had it in the past but it is a bit pricey there. Target and Walmart do not carry it but I checked the website and emailed the company and they swear they are not discontinuing the product. If you find it somewhere in town, let me know. I need to stock up on it in case they do stop making it. The other scents are too strong and the moisture versions do not work the same.

Welcome to Jean's Product Guide!

I have always wanted to have a website showing all my girlfriends and relatives the products I have tested. I hate spending money on beauty and hair products just to find out they don't work or they make me break out! I am going to be posting my favorite products as the months go by and then I will start adding some new products that I buy for testing purposes. Be sure to leave comments or send me product ideas for this site. Hope you enjoy!

As for the name Moody Maria - Aren't you a little moody when you buy a product that doesn't work?

* Disclosure - ADDED 12/1/09
As of December 1, 2009, all bloggers will be subject to disclosing additional information on products or fees that they receive for reviews.

As for Moody Maria, let me state that I do not get paid to blog. I do not receive and have not received ANY money to blog about any products. Occassionly, I do receive product samples to review from PR companies representing beauty companies or from the actual company. When I receive a product, I do not guarantee I will do a review for said product. I will not lie about a product and I will not sway a reader to buy a product unless I absolutely believe in it. All of my reviews are based on my experience, my opinion and my results. I do not guarantee that a reader will find the same results. I am 100% honest with my reviews because that is the basis for my blog. I started Moody Maria because I wanted to review products for friends and family so they would not spend money on products that do not work. I started this blog as a hobby and it continues to be a hobby. It is not a business and I do not make money off this blog, except for advertising contracts or the Beauty Bubbles program that I currently participate in with the Total Beauty Network.

As of December 1, 2009 I will be disclosing after each review how I received the product (PR company, Paid for by Me, Borrowed from a Friend, or as a Gift). I will be completely honest because I have nothing to hide.
Please feel free to send me an email if you have a question regarding my disclosure statement or any product questions. I can be reached at moodymaria (a)

Thank you for reading Moody Maria!


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