Cracked Hands are not Flattering

Living in Arizona, we reap the benefits of the great weather this time of year. When most people are knee deep in snow, we are wearing shorts and playing at the park. But, there are downfalls to living in the desert. One of the downfalls is DRY skin! How many times this year have I had bloody knuckles or cracked skin? It's downright embarassing. I was so happy to see this article from Total Beauty regarding hand creams.
Hand Cream Showdown

Find out which top hand hydrators our testers found desk drawer-worthy

Hand Cream Showdown

Dry winter air making your hands all chapped and gross-looking? Join the club. Battle the dryness with one of these proven hand creams, your fingers will thank you.

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Ms. Salti said...

Thanks again for a very informative post. We've gotten about a foot of snow in the last 24 hours and my skin is suffering! I'm off to the store to get some new hand cream!

Jean said...

WOW! We got a few flakes and I was excited. Stay warm and keep those hands moisturized!


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