Ps: I love my Dirt

I tried the Jonathan Spray Dirt on dry and wet hair and I love it. Basically, the dirt makes your clean hair feel like you haven't washed it in two days, minus the grime. It creates texture to your hair so the curls stay and separate.

I am still going to experiment more with the Dirt and I will try to post some pictures. I would never tell someone to go buy $28 of Dirt from a man in LA named Jonathan without proving it worked!

Now, go make your own dirt with your hair products. I am going to bed.


Ms. Salti said...

Sounds very interesting... I can't wait to see pictures!

gina said...

Those buns are cute! kind of like a dressed up version of the messy bun.

That dirt sounds cool- used to be you had to go with dirty hair to the hair dresser for your updo's - imagine clean AND styled up- WHAT a break through. Want to see the pics!!


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