Don't put Chocolate Mints on your Scalp

Therafuse makes this great intense hair repair. It smells just like Andes Chocolate mints. The problem is, the menthel in the formula burns your scalp...a lot! Then after leaving it on my hair in the shower and rinsing, my hair did not feel softer at all. It actually felt course.

I will use it until it runs out due to the brand quality and the high price I paid (waste not, want not) but I would not recommend it. I will try other Thermafuse products though. I was happy with the shampoo and my stylist loves the line.

Overstressed hair?
ThermaFuse it - with the infusion of hydrolyzed proteins in this deep conditioning treatment.

Why It's Hot
Everyone needs a little therapy. Replenish what your hair is missing with this weekly deep-penetrating protein treatment. Bring damaged hair back to life while improving its elasticity, tensile strength and health. Salud!

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