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This past weekend I saw a friend that I haven't seen since college. She told me that I looked exactly the same as I did in college and just as young. Well, first off, I am about 15 lbs less and secondly, I have more eye wrinkles! In 2009, my goal is to find out more about preventing those fine lines. I know about sunscreen but what else can one do?

Quiz: Is Your Eye Cream a Rip-Off?

Pinpoint the right ingredients for dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles

Quiz: Is Your Eye Cream a Rip-Off?

Eye creams aren't exactly cheap, so if you're going to use one you want it to work, right? Find the perfect eye cream (that will actually give you results) with this quiz and stop wasting money on sub-par creams.

Take the quiz


gina said...

Eye cteams- something I need to learn more about. I use just soap and water. strike one. I tanned for years. strike two. and I just turned 35. Strike 3. time to grow up and find an eye cream- I need one.

Lora and Mike said...

Sunglasses rock! They prevent squinting in the sun and protect your undereye area, therefore, less wrinkles. I'm starting my girls early. :)

Jean said...

Good idea Lora! And Gina - you are two funny. I promise more info in 09 about eye creams! I think I need to go to a skin dr. and real quick.


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