Time to Clean out the Makeup

After each winter holiday season, I place my newest makeup on the top of my makeup bag. I slowly shift the older makeup to my larger, back-up bag. Soon, I am only using my small bag and the older makeup is forgotten, like an old friend you never call.

My poor MAC, Bobbi and Chanel. No attention and no love.

This year, I vow to organize my makeup better so that I don't forget those older items that still work for me and are still fresh. I will also recycle the old! Don't forget that MAC cosmetics has a recyclying program in which you can earn a free lipstick, in the shade of your choice. Check out their website for more information at http://www.maccosmetics.com/.

Does Your Makeup Need a New Year Makeover?

It may be time to give your product stash the update it needs

Does Your Makeup Need a New Year Makeover?

Is your cosmetics bag overflowing with dried-out mascaras, cracked eye shadows and a tube of lipstick from 2002? If so, it may be in need of an overhaul. Take this quiz to find out how much TLC it needs.

Take the quiz


Leah Simmers said...

something cool is, last time I went to recycle my mac, I had the option of a lipstick, lip glass or eye shadow!

Anonymous said...

what I do to make sure I use all my cosmetics is keep my make up in a organizing tray instead of a bag. All my makeup is displayed and that new lipstick doesn't get forgotten in the bottom of the bag.

Jean said...

Leah- I had no idea! Thank you for the tip!

Jean said...

Bridgett- good plan. I am thinking of changing the way I do things for 2009 to be more organized.


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