Beauty in Real Life and Giveaway

Recently I came across an awesome beauty blog! It is called Beauty in Real Life with the tagline, "because beauty doesn't have to cost a fortune." The reason I love this blog so much is because the writers are thirty-something moms like me and they shop at stores like Target and Neiman Marcus! They have a real life perspective on beauty products which is so refreshing.

The editors of Beauty in Real Life are Jennifer and Christine. You will get a varied opinion from them because one is blonde and one is brunette! I think that is helpful when reviewing products because if something works for someone with one color of hair or hair type, it might not work for someone else. I find that true with some of my friends, we all prefer different products.

This blog is also among the elite in beauty blogs. Their blog is a member of and The Beauty Blog Network. They even feature weekend reads from The Beauty Blog Network so you can get tidbits from all sorts of beauty blogs. Be sure to sign up for their newsletter so you can keep up!

Right now, they are having a great giveaway, sponsored by Pureology. They are giving away 10 sets of their latest Shampoo and Conditioner (a $60 retail value per set). To enter, just email Jennifer and Christine at with "Pureology Giveaway" in the subject line. They ask that you include your full name and mailing address. The contest runs until September 9th so hurry over to their blog and check it out!

Their blog can be found at: Good Luck and Enjoy reading Beauty in Real Life.

The direct link to their contest is:


Mel's Mom said...

Their blog is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Just checked it out and think its a great blog. Thanks!! I can never get enough beauty tips/advice/gossip!!

Anonymous said...

Cool website. Glad you found it and keep sharing more ideas! -Heather

Lora and Mike said...

Personally, I like yours better. :) But it's well-done, and that's so cool that they listed your blog as one they love! Go Moody Maria!


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