Now my Friends will be HIP!

I posted awhile back about the L'Oreal HIP Pure Pigment shadow sticks and how I loved them. Last week, I went to Target to pick out a new color and was horrified when I couldn't find them. Then I looked at Walmart and no such luck! I was so disappointed. How could L'Oreal stop making them when I loved them so much?

No fear girls - they still make them and they are alive and kicking at your local CVS or Ulta store. I was so excited that I purchased 3! I bought a brown color, a green and a blue. I decided to spread the wealth and share them with 3 Moody readers; Ann, Carol and Trisha. I instructed them that they are to use their product and get back to me with a short review. I am hoping they have the same luck as I did.

Do you want to do a review for Moody? Let me know what products would interest you and maybe I will choose you next!

If you want to read the review I wrote previously, you can find it here:

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