Old Navy Fall Forecast

It's still really hot in Arizona, but it is fun to think about cold weather. I dream about bundling up to brave the cold outdoors, suffering to get from the car to my house, only to rush inside and find a pot of hot coffee brewing and a crackling fire. I think I was supposed to live in Wisconsin and not here! Our winters are more like, "Should I wear a light jacket or just wing it?" People from the Midwest come here and wear shorts all year long.

Along with dreaming, comes online shopping. I browsed the Old Navy site to find some of their latest Fall creations. Here are some that stood out to me:

A metallic cami, perfect for under a jacket for work and for dining out afterwards.

This wool coast is so adorable and preppy. I think it would be flattering on any figure.
Here is a "fancy" version of a velour sweatsuit to pick up the kids, to run out to Target or to meet a friend for coffee. Just make sure to wear some really cute athletic shoes (think Pumas or Nike Shox), do your hair and makeup and carry an oversized purse.

And finally, a cute alternative to wearing "grubbies" around the house. Some men complain about women wearing baggie sweats and big t-shirts. What guy wouldn't like to see you in this number?

And last but not least, everyone needs a little metallic in their life to shock people. I am thinking if I wore this to work, I would never live it down. On second thought, I think I will go out and buy it tomorrow.

Happy shopping!


Ms. Salti said...

Very cute... I wish they made the "grubby" racer-back tank in my size!

Jean said...

Hey Ms. Salti- I am following your blog now. I added it today!


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