Winners to Spitz Giveaway Contest

Here are the winners to the Spitz Sunflower Seed Contest. The first 40 winners will win the 6 flavors (Spicy, Seasoned, Chili Lime, Original, Dill and BBQ) in a 0.7 oz package and the second 40 winners will win Spicy and Chili Lime.

First Place winners: Windy Cindy, Bridgett from Queen Creek, Mel's Mom, Anna from St. Louis, Mike G. (Wyoming), Brad, Bri-Bri from Marana, Jason Fulton, Karrie from Gilbert, Lisa S. from North Aurora, Jack from Laramie, Joey S. from Batavia, Erica P. from Tucson, Ryan from Tucson, Gem C., Tlea, LW from work, Carole S. from North Aurora, Jeff Sortino, Steve Louis, Joey C. from Tucson, Your Boss, Charlotte, Carol Ann D., Rose from Aurora, Chloe C. from Aurora, Colleen, Annie, Jessica, Brian from Aurora, Bob. L from Illinois, Maryann, James K. from Tucson, Sue Lady, Reva S., Andrea from Willcox, Justin from Willcox, Jean (Cubbies fan), Julie and the boys, and windwalkersteve.

Second Place winners: Karena V, Rosemary H.,Ryan S. (Queen Creek), Eric Burke, Steven V., Frank A., Trevor K., Leila, James F. from Tucson, Caleb S. from Queen Creek, Kylie P. from SLCity Utah, Kathleen K., Chris Burke, Chuck D., Skinny Dude, Zach E., Patsy R., Estella, Chris E., Marco, Donna from Tucson, Scotty from Tucson, Ben P., James B., BMD from Pinetop, Dave J., Dennis P., Rita from Arizona, Toby from Tucson, JB from Vail, Craig L., Yettie from Tucson, Mary Beth Jones (Il), Bob S. from Tucson, Chris T. from TV Valley, Dwayney, Emily from Tucson, Amy from Tucson, Luke from Tanque Verde Valley, and Kelly G. from Tucson.

Please send me your address if I don't already have it. You can email me at Thanks for entering and thank you again to Spitz for sponsoring this awesome contest!

I am sure everyone will enjoy their sunflower seeds and you can continue to enjoy them by purchasing them at the locations found at their website:


quitecontrary1977 said...

haha.. I was one of the few NON-winners! Well I feel special. Guess it's true about the first comment never winning..

Julie and the boys said...

You are amazing!

Mel's Mom said...


Jean you are so great! I can't imagine how much work it must have taken to get all that together! :)



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