The Curls are Coming - but not for Katie

Katie needs an intervention. This hair is just not working for her. I just read an article that curly hair is coming back - long or short. I don't think this length would hold any curl. Katie has awesome style and I am thoroughly impressed that she wears a new outfit and shoes each day, but why the hair? Is she wearing a wig in her new play and this works for her? Is she really that busy that she doesn't have time for hair? I seriously can't believe that she thinks this looks good.

This picture was attached to an article in Just Jared:

Think Leighton Meester. Now that's a hairdo!

Or Eva Mendes in the October issue of Elle. She looks incredible. Read all about it at Just Jared.

What hairdo do you think will be in for this fall season? Do you like curly better than straight? Do you think men prefer it?


Mel's Mom said...

I have the straightest hair in the world, so naturally I love curly hair. Although, it would be best if it wasn't "in" because there's no way to make my hair curl. :(

DH keeps saying I should perm it...but I think "perm" and I think my mom when I was about 8 years old. My mother had kinky curly permed hair ala 1980 something...Yuck!

I would D-I-E if I tried to perm my hair and it ended up kinky curly.

Jean said...

First off Mel's Mom - DO NOT PERM your hair! At this point, I am sure your hair is healthy and smooth and this will damage it. Not to mention- who knows how it would turn out! I would only trust a true professional in Hollywood to do a perm. I have joked with my stylist if she would do a perm on me (even though I have wavy hair) and she said, "No way!". The good news is that straight hair will always be in style and women with naturally wavy hair will always be jealous of you! Every friend that I envy (in regards to hair) has straight hair. My sister even has straight hair and I am so jealous she got straight, smooth and healthy hair. She never has to invest in deep conditioning products and I seem to use them full-time. You are very lucky so consider yourself blessed! Katie, on the other hand, has naturally wavy hair so she has to work pretty hard at getting it straight.

Mel's Mom said...

I'll take your advice! :)

My hair stylist has considered perming my hair...but I won't let her. It's the fear of frying it.

I do get compliments on my hair all the time how it's so shiny and smooth. I guess I just need to embrace it.

I think you're dead on about only trusting a Hollywood professional. I bet it takes LOTS of money have to your hair so perfect.


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