80's jeans making a comeback?

While browsing through one of my favorite celebrity websites, http://www.justjared.com/, I came across this picture of Katie Holmes. Apparently, she is guest starring on the sitcom Eli Stone in the fall and she is shooting that scene this week. They have showed her in different outfits but this one made one thing come to mind - the 80's! Yes, those loose jeans, pegged and rolled - a classic. But is this a joke from a flashback scene? Was she trying to keep her jeans from hitting her very expensive shoes or were they rolled to prevent her from tripping? Is this going to be the new style for the fall? I completely doubt it but it would be fun.

Apparently, Katie is going to dance and sing in the episode so she most likely has her dance attire underneath and threw on something. We will have to tune in this fall to find out. Meanwhile, look for pegged and rolled styles.

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