Bamboo Lust at Target

I just went to Target the other day, (what a surprise, I know) and they have a little section in the cosmetic department dedicated to bamboo cosmetic tools! The brand they carry was ecotools and they had makeup brushes, loofah-type bath sponges and face scrubbers. I was pretty excited since I love bamboo towels and clothing. Bamboo fabric is so soft, naturally antibacterial, and highly absorbent.

The makeup brushes by ecotools have become more popular since being featured in Allure's April 2008 issue. The brushes feature a bamboo handle and synthetic taklon bristles. The bristles are so soft to the touch. I wanted to buy each one and 5 piece brush set! I think the set was $14.99 (not bad) but the powder brush was $9.99 and if I bought all of them the price would add up quickly. Add two crying kids, one bored husband and I wasn't getting any brushes that day. I have to go back when I have time to inspect each brush.

If you would like to see what ecotools has to offer or their other product lines, you can visit their website at:

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