Sugar Hairspray on the Floor?

Have you ever been accused of coating the bathroom floor or vanity with sticky hairspray? How about sugar hairspray? Ewww. I can just imagine what kind of bugs this stuff would attract.

I recently tried some Oscar Blandi hairspray called Lacca hairspray at Sephora. The salesman actually sprayed it on my hair and told me to fluff and shake my hair. He then told me to look in the mirror. "Don't you love the shine?" No. "Don't you love the feel?" No. It feels flat now. I worked a long time on my hair to get it to the right texture so it would not look too fluffy but would hold all day and he just ruined my hair! The rest of the day, I kept feeling my hair to see if I noticed any difference. No, just flat.
He told me the sugar in the hairspray helps soften you hair and when you shower next you will feel how the softness in your hair. That doesn't help me today.

The hairspray costs $23 a bottle. I told him I use Sebastian Shaper Plus and do you know what he said???? "Oh, my mom uses that stuff!". His mom? Escuse me. He was all of 28 years old and he is accusing me of being as old as his mom. Come to think of it, I wanted to ask him what else his dear old mom uses. Sounds like she has good taste.

Well, he did talk me into another Oscar Blandi product that I will review tomorrow. I accused him of being Oscar's nephew because he pushed his products so much. He said, "I wish!".

Sephora exclusively sells this wonderful, soft and healthy sugar hairspray if you want to sample it by the way.

Here is what the website says:
Lacca Hairspray What it is: A hairspray formulated with sugar, an anti-static ingredient.What it does:Forget everything you know about hairspray. Oscar Blandi's new incarnation combines the moisturizing powers of sugar with the shine-boosting properties of honey for soft, touchable, all-day hold. Pulling from his Italian roots for inspiration, Blandi's innovative formula boosts volume, controls frizz, adds shine, and leaves behind a subtle honeysuckle scent. It's everything you love about hairspray, only better.


LexiCiaraMom said...

I, too, was convinced by the salesman that I just had to have Oscar Blandi product. I was told that for my hair type (thick with no natural curl to it) I needed the pomade. I traded with Jean because it weighed down my hair and made it go flat no matter what I did. I'm going to attempt the syrum he suggested for my naturally curly friends, Jean & Karrie.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, the Oscar Blandi serum has really made my hair feel soft. I like it and when I am feeling like spending that much on my hair, would buy it again! Karrie


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