The yellow bottle - what's it called?

Don't you hate it when your friend tells you she has a great product and she can't remember what it's called? Why do marketers do that? They create a great beauty product and use small fonts or confusing fonts and then name the product something that nobody can remember. Kind of like bloggers right? How many times do you have to do a search on your friend's blog because they gave it an odd name you can never remember.

The salon I use has this great product that I call "the yellow bottle". Clients actually come in and ask for the stuff in the yellow bottle!
Well, I found it online and it is called LISAP unisystem smoothing fluid. It is awesome stuff! It smells great and has a heat protecting agent for use with straightening irons and other hot tools. I love this product because it doesn't dry out your hair or make it crispy and brittle feeling as some iron guards do.
I have already decided I am going to give this stuff away for a contest real soon but I need to get my hands on some. The salon can't keep it in stock! Maybe that is because it is made in Italy.

Sorry for the VERY small picture but this is the only size available on the website too. I need to contact these people and meet with them. Their products have potential!

Here is the company website:

Mr. Gerardo Bruzzese a hairstylist and colorist for over thirty years, who was looking for a superior hair color and products for his salon, founded Lisap USA in 1993. After doing extensive research on Hair Color Companies, Mr. Bruzzese came across Lisap S.p.A. located in Milan, Italy. The rest as they say, is HISTORY. Today, our commitment to the salon has grown. Lisap USA is now the sole importer of Lisap Products throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.Lisap S.p.A. has been in the Beauty Business since 1952. They develop and manufacture all their products in their factories in Milan, Italy.


Bridgett said...

I've never heard of this stuff. I have used similar products and they always make my hair feel dry.

Jean said...

I am thinking of using it as a prize for a contest! I am going to have my friend try it first and find out her opinion.


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